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October, 2012

Free Download: DJ Vadim vs. Fat Freddys Drop – Fat Electric Drop EP

I have been listening to Fat Freddys Drop for many years, on the radio, at gigs and summer festivals back in Auckland, and I’m always stoked to hear new stuff from or involving them.

Fat Electric Drop is the result of several trips back and forth to the Pacific, numerous tours together and mutual appreciation. It’s easy to see that it was only a matter of time before the fruits of collaboration between these guys would fall upon the ears of the masses…

Available as a limited edition 12″ vinyl release and for free download, follow this link.


Serato new interface design

Serato has just released screenshots of their newest Serato DJ software, which they are excited to be releasing on November 1st to replace the aging Serato ITCH application. As you’ll see, the screenshots show almost every aspect and view of the software’s new loop, including the new loop and cue point arrangement, the deck layouts, the new FX grid, and more.

Get more info here

Soul II Soul – Live in London

The original funki dreds, Jazzie B and Caron Wheeler backed by their full live band are return for an exclusive show.

Nov 29 – Dec 01
More info


The Pharcyde 20th Anniversary of debut album – ‘Bizarre Ride II’

The Pharcyde – “Bizarre Ride II” 20th Anniversary Concert

30th of November sees the 20th Anniversary of one of the finest Hip Hop albums of all time “Bizarre Ride II the Pharcyde”. Bootie Brown and Imani Rashaan return with their live band for a one off exclusive concert to celebrate this influential piece of work at the Clapham Grand.

Released in 1992 on Delicious Vinyl, “Bizarre Ride II the Pharcyde” introduced the world to one of the most innovative, left field and original rap groups ever seen.

The Pharcyde have returned to the UK many times since their first UK show in 1993, most recently in July this year and have never failed to play to packed crowds and maintain their reputation as one of the finest live hip hop groups…

Clapham Grand
Friday 30th November


Serato: Calibrating your system

For those of you who are getting geared up for your gigs this weekend, here’s a little ‘educational something something’ I found from Serato to help ensure we’re getting the cleanest possible signals and minimise the chances of clutching and skipping.

Before I share this however, I just want to say that life is better with vinyl…

What’s all this about Noise Thresholds?

It all sounds a bit scary but it’s actually quite simple. The noise threshold in Scratch Live is the level, where anything below, is considered noise and is ignored by the software. Because a turntable stylus is so sensitive, it’s going to pick up noise from the environment as well as the signal on the record. In a noisy party or banging club, the effects can be considerable. For this reason it’s important to set this correctly.

Scopes? What the…

Those cheeky circles in the setup screen. The scope views on the setup screen in Scratch Live display the input signal as a phase diagram. Basically it’s just a way of visualizing the quality of your control signal and how well Scratch Live is tracking it. The key factors to look at on the scope display are crisp clean lines, round shape, and the tracking percentage in the lower right corner.

How to properly calibrate your setup

1) Turn the sound system up the level you will be playing at during your performance.

2) Play a track from an audio CD or from the other deck in internal mode.

3) Place the needle on the record but keep the turntable stopped.

4) Click and hold down the Estimate button for a few seconds – Scratch Live will estimate the optimal threshold setting for the current environment. Alternatively you can try manually moving the estimate slider to the right until you notice the number in theupper-right corner of the scope view stops fluctuating.

You should be at the best point for good tracking of the vinyl movement and ignoring noise.

5) Repeat this process for each deck.

6) Once you have set the threshold, start both turntables. For optimal performance the inner ring should be as close to circular as possible. Use the scope zoom slider (1x to 16x) to zoom in or out as necessary. Use the scope L/R balance and P/A balance controls to adjust the shape of the inner ring. The number in the top left corner of the scope view gives the current absolute position within the control record or CD. The number in the top right corner is the current speed in RPM.

In the bottom left is the current threshold setting, and the number in the bottom right shows the percentage of readable signal – this number should be at least 85% when your system is calibrated properly.

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