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June, 2013

Limited Edition ‘The Magic Number’ 3-Logo Tee’s

Oh my goodness,

Will you just look at these, the first ever Copious Beats T-Shirts!!

So, in the spirit of celebrating 3 years of Copious Beats, we introduce you to our Limited Edition Copious Beats ‘The Magic Number’ 3-Logo Tees which will be dropping just in time for BASSMENT on July 5th at Bar A Bar!!

Much love to Hash for his hard work, creative mind and his ability to translate the babble of mad-man and turn it into art…  When you meet him on the night ask him what cards he has up his sleeves..!!  Strange request I know but, for those who remember to do so, you’ll be happy you did.

Anyway, back to the T-Shirts. Cast your eyes…

For the ladies:










For the guys:








Hit us up to pre-order for only £15/Tee and we can arrange PayPal for collection on the night.

#The first person to Hit us up gets one for free!!