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Black Star in London…

It’s not long now until Black Star supported my J.Rocc and Mr. Thing hit the Forum in London for a SOLD OUT show on March 29th.

… And, with MOS DEF being one of my all time favourite MCs, this is one event I am definitely looking forward to!!

Balck Star

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More Audacity from NZ – TURN IT UP!

This 2CD exclusive mix tape, courtesy of Base FM and sequenced their Program Director – Dylan C, is a collection that boasts some of the freshest underground NZ talent that ranges from new artists right the way through to the more well known and established.

“And cue the Nostalgic flashbacks of those NZ summer days…!!”

Have a listen, download it for your car and let me know what you think:

New Album: ‘Automatic’ by Ladi6

So I was playing a bit of catch-up when I was in NZ last month and man did I have my work cut out.

There is so much coming out at the moment and, with some help from Dylan C and Base FM, I managed to check out this highly anticipated album ‘Automatic’ (release on Aug 16th 2013) by one of my favourite and award winning (just saying..!!) artists, Ladi6. It is worth every second you spend listening and will definitely set you up nicely for the weekend.

Check it out for yourself here…

DopeFindz #02

Continuing from last week with this stack of plates, I’ve pulled out this 12″ that I’m glad is in the pile – Public Enemy’s ‘Bring The Noise (No Noise Version)’ produced by ‘The Bomb Squad’ and released by Def Jam in 1987.

Here’s the instrumental

Now, let’s not mess around and let’s get straight into where the samples came from:

 - I’m really diggin 1969′s Marva Whitney’s “It’s My Thing”.  I definitely need that in my collection!!

I look forward to next week for another DopeFindz and I’ll try not to jump the gun and keep to grabbing the record out and finding the samples in one hit and straight to posting…  It’s actually quite hard holding back and not just spending the few hours digging  and reseaching but, I want keep it fresh…

I’m off now to go find ‘It’s My Thing’ on record.

Have a good weekend and Hit me up if you have a suggestions..



DopeFindz #01

I’m going to start this post off by saying “Isn’t London great for finding little gems…?”

These finds could range from great spots to eat, chill-out or rave it up depending on what you’re into.  Hell, you could even find your soul mate if you’re ready for it.

My latest find is of the Vinyl variety and coming from NZ I just love digging for records in and around London and, if you follow me on either Twitter or FB page you will know that last night I met this guy, Kevin, who is (and still is) getting rid of his vinyl collection!!  I know what you’re thinking, and yes I did ask him why he’s getting rid of it all and still I don’t get it.  Some people are just moving on…

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I managed to load my wheelie UDG up with 55 pieces of random 80s & 90s Hip Hop. ‘Black Gold’ and all the plates are in mint condition with covers varying from ‘Very Good’ to ‘VG+’ and even ‘Mint’ or unopened…

Yep… it’s fair to say that once I got home I was useless to everyone as I reserved myself for having an even better look through this bounty and as I did so I was DJ’gasming all the way to my Crates!!…

Now, I don’t want to oversell what was inside but lets just say that there are some very nostalgic pieces there and, over the next few weeks, I will be reaching in and pull-out a record at random and sharing it here with you.

In addition, I’ll do my best to find out who they sampled and who they (if at all) got sampled by –  this is more for me but I will post what I find here.

I hope you enjoy this little project of mine.

So, let’s kick it off…


Cypress Hill – Illusions 12″ (Ruff House Records – 44 78223)

Where were you when this tune dropped??  I was 15 and just transferring to a new High School in West Auckland, Kelston Boys High School.  Graham Henry (All Blacks Coach) was then the Headmaster…  Kelston 4 Life!!

Fact: After spending time in the UK and wanting to make something different Dj Muggs came up with the idea to make the darkest, most non-commercial record he could and Illusions was the first song they recorded for “Temple of Boom”.

They sampled:


Been sampled by:

Public Service Announcement:

If you are into this stuff I encourage you to check all the artists and tracks mentioned. They will do you no harm.

#DopeFindz #CypressHill

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